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Prayer Concerns & Praises for:  1/24/21


Dante Hines- Prayers for my many family members, mom, dad & step-dad. My friends & difficult neighbors. For people in this country to treat each other with more respect & for this country's future. Health, financial stability & my personal life


Evelyn Hackman- a healing touch to my back issues


Mary James- Praying for clean air in church so that we can socialize again and not be treated like lepers. Praise God I am able to go back to work


Melanie Smith- Pray for the people that are weary & let them have peace. For Ashley that she receives God's discernment. Jason Kelly having health issue & family. Linda Ruff's exploratory surgery results are good. Judy Jarrell's nephew passing. Prayers for the many families having father's pass away & a wife.For those having family issues.

Praise for all those prayers God has already answered including mine to have hope & love to hold onto at this time.


Barbie Semans - Prayers for all touched by Covid. For the opening of all our schools. For the future of this country. To put more faith & trust in the Lord.


The Casher Hitchens family (Buddy Hitchen's father passed away on Sunday, January 24), The Clinton “Butch” Waters Sr. family (Butchie Waters father passed away on Saturday, January 23) Donita Baxter - suffering from both dementia and COVID - her health is in decline (Pastor Doug's cousin)