Greater Impact exist to impact Caroline County and beyond with the love of Christ for eternal gain.


Prayer Concerns & Praises:   11/28-29/20


Mike & Nancy Hatfield- Please keep Mike's brother-in-law, Rob Spradley & his family in prayer. Rob's organs have almost shut down.


Pastor Kevin & Dawn Wall- Phil Wallace terminal cancer, please pray for family


Joe & Polly Gladu- Family to know God. Mike for physical feeling. Family to accept Christ


Dennis & Donna Wilson- Prayers for our daughter Amy Wilson 


Pearl Johnson- Unspoken 


Mary Ann Delgado- Jeannette Johnson having health issues. Cheyenne Boris family, father in stage four cancer, days to live. Family with depression, drug addiction & grieving.  Friends with mental health. Homeless young men Patrick & Michael 


Lisa Padgette- my grandfather John Benton falling 3x this week


Pastor Doug & Karen Morley- The Craig Libby Jr. family. Caroline Howe's mother passed away


Michael Johnson- Prayers for my ex-wife to find happiness in life & to be positive no matter what life throws at her. Pray for my health & for all to go well with upcoming appt. on the 9th


Dorothy Rash- Unspoken. Daughter Nancy & husband Rick having Covid. John Benton having a few falls


Dante Hines- Prayers for myself in all areas of my life & for family, friends & neighbors.  Prayers for God's protection, love & blessings. For more love & peace in the world 




Dorothy Rash- Praise God for a wonderful Thanksgiving