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Prayer Concerns for 9/12-13/20

Napier's- Prayers for this country to turn back to God before it's too late. My family to remain safe. Continue to support & bless our pastors as they bless myself, my family & caroline county and beyond

Lisa Busick- Students & teachers.

Pearl Johnson & family

Judy Jarrell- Prayers for my friend Connie having breast cancer & getting a operation, kemo then reconstructive surgery

Covey's- Prayers for Jonathan as he is going through a rough time

Dorothy Rash- Fred Clendanial having mini stroke. Carol Dill- recuperating from surgeries Jim Coulby- Sharon & myself. The Denton church congregation

Shirley Dill- my test

Becke's- baby Elizabeth Henry Shack- Unspoken

Mary James- Having issues with neighbor. The company David works for may not renew contract, possible job loss

Dante Hines- Ronald Blake in hospital with clogged artery to heart. My mom, family, friends, neighbors. Myself for health, better pay for bills & Denton.

Pastor Kevin & Dawn Wall- Mary Jane Wall with medical issues. Mark Henning having medical issues. Kimberly Bremer

Tracey Raleigh-The passing of my father Willard Viar. My stepmother having a hard time dealing with his passing. My brother David being strong for the family. Sister Christine & brother Justin


Dorothy Rash- Jeanie Benton feeling better from vertigo. My left eye doing much better & for the many needs God is meeting for me. Praise God for the anointing he gives to our pastors